The Scienta Group is a US and UK based commercially driven science and innovation consultancy specialising in CREATING BUSINESS ADVANTAGE.through the deployment of HIGH-PERFORMANCE INDIVIDUALS AND TEAMS

Working with some of the largest Multi-Nationals and SMEs we have delivered MANY COMPLEX PROJECTS around the world.

Strong project management and excellent communication processes ensure that projects are managed efficiently and effectively, delivering high quality, on budget and on time.

We bring clarity, confidence and commitment to all our projects.

Cost effective at providing high performance resources that delivers quickly and effectively for our clients. Repeat business is over 90% of our projects and we have worked with some clients since the company was established in 2003.

Our team possess a wide variety of marketing, engineering and technology backgrounds with varied business experiences.  This ensures diversity of thinking and our ability to deliver the very best outcomes for our clients.

Rapidly assembly of teams that compliment client resources and experiences to deliver.

 We provide the specialist assistance and support that drives business growth when it is really needed.



Scienta is a very diverse team of people with an extensive range of skills, experiences and capabilities, which allows us to provide tailored integrated project teams, or individuals, for a wide range of insight, innovation and implementation projects.

No project is too big or too small for us and all are handled under our QMS system ensuring high quality delivery on every project and meeting each client’s individual needs and business objectives.

Management Team

Clive Edmonds


 Clive has over 20 years experience of innovation and implementation and founded Scienta in 2009. He has built upon his life-science degree to become an international innovator and project director. His early corporate career roles were in technical and innovation at Grand Metropolitan, Whitbread and Constellation Wines before moving into consultancy at the international PA Consulting Group where he was Head of Consumer Products. He has considerable international experience working in North America, Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Asia. Over the years he has been involved in many projects in many different sectors. Highlights include running multi-product factory in Saudi Arabia (taking it from paralysis to profit), being involved with the development of two in-can beer widget devices and helping to develop a new-to-the-world food production process.

When not at work Clive enjoys time with Karen and his family, cycling (he has 13 bikes), running, reading, cooking and travelling. DIY is something, which he does not enjoy however it is a necessity with an old house as a home. Also, although he has little talent for singing, he is a member of the Rabble Chorus Choir and has performed at the Royal Albert Hall and with several well known musicians and performers.


Lindsay Dobson

Lindsay is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology with a track record of delivery of innovation and performance improvement. Her early career was in both Aerospace and FMCG operations management before joining PA Consulting Group. At PA she undertook projects in diverse industries and grew a passion for innovating.

Lindsay then joined PepsiCo where she led complex projects and coached technical teams to deliver insulated product and process innovation and commercialise new to world platforms. Additionally, she led capital projects delivering new capability in diverse geographies.

Whilst known for taking on hard challenges her operational acumen and lean six sigma background means she always seeks to find simple and elegant solutions!

Lindsay lives in rural Northamptonshire with her husband Jim, two (adult) children, a labrador and a few rescue chickens. She enjoys cycling and is a keen horse rider who has lost her appetite for jumping fences and is trying to improve her dressage.